Drum Overpack 75 litre Z/R/R1650

Drum Overpack 75 litre Polyethylene UN approved
Drum Overpack 75 litre Polyethylene UN approvedDrum Overpack 75 litre Polyethylene in useUn approved Drum Overpack 75 litre Polyethylene screw top lid

UN Approved Polyethylene Drum Overpack - 75 Litre

This Polythene drum overpack has a capcity of 75 litres or US 20 gallons. The overpack can be used as a shipping container for drums and containers, or alternatively can be used as a clean-up container for hazardous materials from leaks or spills.This drum overpack is UN "X" rated and is suitable for road transportation of hazarous goods - UN Rating 1H2/X57/S.

The overpack screw on lid features an integral rubber seal to make the overpack water-tight. The pack can be used to carry non-damaged cans and bottles. If the contents are leaking, then the drum overpack must be packed with absorbents - No Free Liquids.

This drum overpack has a screw on lid. We also offer this drum overpack with a lever lock lid.
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UN Approved drum Overpack R1652

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Polyethylene Drum Overpack
ProductInternal Dims in mmUN RatingWeightCapacity
R1650 493mm top/426mm bot/527mm high 1H2/X57/S 6kg   75 litres

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